Construction Insurance

Employers and public liability

Despite improved Health and Safety on construction sites in recent years the potential for injury and damage still remains high. We have secured access to a number of specialist policies to provide cover for builders and allied trades. We have facilities that can cater for a wide range of trades at competitive rates and have gained access to another two facilities that will help maintain our position as the no. 1 player locally in this area. In particular the new facilities give us more options for high risk trades such as scaffolding contractors, roofers, asbestos contractors etc.

Constractors All Risks | Contract Works

This policy (also known as Contract Works) provides cover on an All Risks basis for buildings in the course of construction. The policy can also be extended to provide cover for Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft for plant, machinery, tools and equipment on the construction site. We have access to all leading local insurers to enable us to provide the right terms at the right price.

Specialist Products

We can also offer more specialist construction related products such as JCT Clause 21.2.1 Liability insurance and Latent Defects insurance. We have been involved in arranging these covers for a number of high profile commercial projects in the Belfast area in particular in recent years.