Last year the average car insurance premium was £440, which is a big slice to find if you’re paying it in one go. The rise in rates is largely down to rises in the Insurance Premium Tax, but other factors include personal injury claims and the increased cost of repairs. So what can you sensibly […]

Cyber Liability Insurance

5 Reasons You Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance. Imagine for a moment that your company has come under attack by a skilled hacker. The hacker has accessed your customers’ names and contact information–and worse–your employees’ social security numbers. On top of that, your website is disabled so that you can’t take orders or collect the payments you need to stay […]

Gender pension gap more than double pay divide

Women in the EU save 40% less into their pension on average than men, despite earning just 16% less in wages, according to a new report by Mercer. It shows that the savings divide varies widely from one member state to another, but that half of EU countries have gender pension gaps of 30% or […]

We need to cut taxes but increase social insurance to get a fair society

Taxes should be low, simple and fair. In Ireland, this principle is broadly accepted when it comes to taxing corporate profits, but not when it comes to personal taxation. Why is that? It’s widely agreed that our low corporate tax rate has attracted jobs and investment while helping Irish-owned companies to expand. We get a […]

A few tips on how to keep your valuables safe

At McGrady Insurance we know that when it comes to cover for your high-value items, the key is to get the right insurance policy in the first place – and this means reading the policy wording carefully so you understand exactly what you are covered for. “If you have an item or items which are […]

Interested in joining a growing and successful team?

Office Administrator (Full Time Post) The Ideal candidate will have: -Experience in an office environment -Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritise work and meet deadlines -Excellent written and verbal communication skills -Strong organisational skills with the ability to multi-task -GCSE level qualifications -Ability to integrate into a busy team -Initiative -Energy and […]

This will affect all participants in all forms of motorsport

Vnuk – A seemingly innocent four-letter acronym. It’s not. This one is basted in doom and misery. This week, the British government issued a document for public consultation with an option to implement the European Court’s decision involving the ‘Vnuk judgment.’ The Vnuk judgment imposes compulsory third party injury and damage insurance to all vehicles used […]

Cyber insurance a great complement to good security practice

Cyber insurance is a topic of great interest in business and insurance speakers are found in increasing numbers at cyber security events. Given the level of data breach and security failures we read about every day, it is natural that the business world would be turning an increasingly interested eye to its insurance cover. There […]

Dublin is in the frame as Lloyd’s threatens London move

The group said it is currently looking at setting up ‘onshore’ businesses that would include the establishment of various branches in European member states, a spokesman told the Irish Independent. Lloyd’s currently rates all of its European business, which amounts to around 11% of its gross written premiums, from its London headquarters and confirmed the firm’s head […]

Cyber Insurance

WHAT IS CYBER INSURANCE? Regardless of your trade or sector, businesses rely heavily on electronic systems to undertake their day to day operations, therefore cyber insurance should be one of main considerations. From the storage of data and customer records to digital correspondence via email, along with undertaking financial transactions and payments digitally and potentially […]